Technology Training

Individual or Group training sessions are a great way to become familiar with technology you require to increase productivity or just to make life easier. We have a real passion for teaching and enjoy seeing our clients become confident and satisfied with their new abilities!

At Home


If you are finding it difficult to conduct everyday tasks on your computer and you want to be guided through the process, we can help.


Some examples may be learning to print, using the internet, talking on Skype, or writng documents... If you want to learn it, we can teach it!


In the Office


You and your staff can be more productive in the work place by learning how to use technology more effectively. This can include integration of desktop's, tablets, and smart phones, or how to use certain programs available in your office.


Hiring new staff and want to get them up to speed with your companies processes and software? We can organise this for you!

Specific Programs and Tools


We can train you or your staff to use a particular program or process that you require.


This may be a new application for the office, such as Excel or Word, or a program you wish to use at home, like Photoshop. We can also teach you general skills like browsing of the internet or writing a letter effectively.